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Wendy McClendon

Wendy McClendon

Executive Director of SYA

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What is SYA about?

Say Yes Awareness! Autism (SYA) is non-profit 501c(3) with a main focus to assist people with autism function independently, and make people aware of autism. Say Yes Awareness! Autism’s programming focuses on 3 categories; Education, Entertainment and Awareness. The Education category is reserved for teaching mainstream functions/interactions (Occupational Therapy/OT Loops), general information regarding autism, knowledge from experts in the medical field, home remedies that caregivers have tried and open dialogues about autism. The Entertainment category is deemed for programming that spotlights people with autism and their day-to-day life, dramas, comedies, cartoons that feature people with autism and more. The Awareness category purpose is to make people aware that autistic people are capable by highlighting who they are, and their talents. We get to the point and deliver knowledge that can be used today.